Aise dosti

Santa singh and banta singh are the best of friends.santa is a bachelor while banta is married to a sexy woman.she has a voracious appetite for sex and banta cannot live upto her expectations.he simply gets tired.so soon bantas wife gets attracted to santa who is a strong,energetic,handsome sardar.soon they are in love.one day they decide to go to the next level….

Banta has a 5 yr. Old son.one fine morning bantas wife wakes him up at 5 in the morning and gives him a cold bath in the middle of the winter season.the poor child gets a slight fever by midday.grabbing this chance,bantas wife asks banta to take the child to the hospital.as soon as banta has left she calls over santa for some fun.

By half an hour they are both making wild love when suddenly they hear bantas car horn.scared santa hides behind the curtains.enter banta.he sees his wife lying on the bed.he asks her why she is sleeping when she says that she is feeling cold. He checks her temp…on the forehead and then on the chest and realises that she is naked. He then asks her why she is naked and she says that in between she is also feeling hot. The stupid asshole gets confused as to what strange illnass his wife has and goes to call the doctor.

In the meantime the 5 yr. Old son realises that something is fishy and begins to search the house.he sees two big feet and goes and rips away the curtains and has the shock of his life when he sees ……….a fully naked man,6 feet tall,a foot long dick,and hair upto his knees….when the poor child screams,daaaaady,and faints. Listening to his sons cry banta arrives at the scene and sees his naked wife standing beside the bed wrapped in a bedsheet…next to her is his best pal santa (also naked),and lying at his feet is his son.banta gets the picture.

He goes over to santa, slaps him really hard.(santas head lowers down in shame). Banta says… Yaar sante,aise dosti dikhai na toone?mere ghar me itna bada crisis chal raha hai,aur tu nanga hokar mere bachhe ko darata hai!!!!

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