Alternative ways of bear hunting

Upon arrival at their hunting, a group of hunters discover that there is an enormous bear sitting on the roof of the cabin. Not wanting to wait to see if the bear will leave on its own, the hunters race into the cabin, phone the game commission, and ask them to send someone out to remove the bear.

A few hours pass before a truck pulls up from the game commission. A man steps from the truck a looks over the situation. He then gets in the back of his truck and returns with his equipment which consists of a ladder, a baseball bat, a shotgun and a dog.

The man from the game commission approaches the hunters and hands one man the shotgun, tells the dog to sit next to the cabin and sets the ladder up against the cabin. Couriosity got the best of the hunter holding the shotgun and he asked the man, How are you going to trap a bear using a ladder, a baseball bat and a dog?

The man from the GC replied, Im using the ladder to climb on the roof. When I get to the roof the bear will charge me and Ill knock him off of the roof with the baseball bat. And this dog is a specially trained hunting dog that knows that when something falls from the sky, he is supposed to attack it by the testicles, and drag the poor SOB into the cage in the back of my truck.

Still curious, the hunter with the shotgun asks, Then why am I holding this shotgun.

The man replied, Thats in case the bear knocks me off of the roof first … you better shoot that god-damned dog fast.

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