An M.D. In Hell

A physician passed away and was being screened for the destination of his souls eternal afterlife. Unfortunately hed been a bit of a lout, a quack, and greedy to boot, so he wasnt quite certain what to expect. Upon his arrival at the Pearly Gates, Saint Peter greeted him and informed the Doctor that he would be allowed to choose from one of the doors before him, but that because of his greed and misdeeds, he may find the choices rather hellish. Upon opening door #1, he witnessed fire and brimstone of truly Biblical proportions, a horrifying sight, and quickly closed it. Upon viewing the spectacle behind door #2, he was even more horrified to observe various tortured souls ravaged by plague, disease, and other maladies too terrible to mention, while an evil guard stood watch. With trepidation he opened door #3 to discover therein groups of white-coated male physicians, being waited on hand and foot by beautiful young women dressed in little more than nursing caps! He rushed excitedly back to Saint Peter and proclaimed, Ill take door #3! Oh, no, Im afraid thats not possible, exclaimed Saint Peter. Thats NURSES Hell!

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