And how well can *you* play?

A man walks into a bar with a large suitcase in one on hand. Tossing
it casually up on the bar, he orders a beer.

What have you got there? The bartender asks. The man gives him a mean
look, opens the suitcase, and pulls out out a tiny replica of a piano.
He places it on the bar in front of the bartender. Well, thats interesting,
the bartender says.

You havent seen it all. The man snaps, turning back to the suitcase.
Come on, Joe. Out of the suitcase climbs a little man only about a foot
tall, who proceeds to sit down at the piano and play several pieces by Chopin flawlessly. The bartender is very much impressed.

My god! he says. Where did you find him??

Well, I was walking along the beach one day, the man says, as the little
man climbs back into the suitcase, and I came across this really old bottle.
So I opened it up. There was a genie inside, and she gave me one wish.

And that was your wish? The bartender asks incredulously, pointing to the piano.

No, the man said. The genie had been in that bottle for so long she
had become hard of hearing. So I didnt get my real wish. And now, for
the rest of my life, Im stuck with this twelve inch pianist.

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