Bad Gums

There was a father and his young son who lived in a secluded village somewhere in central Australia.

The boys mother had left the father under difficult circumstances, and he had had bad experiences with women ever since.

So he took his boy aside one day and told him, Listen son, dont go messing around with women, because, you know, down there, theyve got teeth down there.

The boy listened intently to his fathers advice. Years passed, the boy has grown up and his father has died, leaving him alone.

So, one day, the boy ventures to the closest large town, where he goes to a club in search of companionship.

He strikes up a conversation with a beautiful young girl. Things are going well, and they end up back at her place.

They are about to get into bed when the boy remembers his fathers advice and shies away.

Whats wrong? she asks. Well, my father told me that women have teeth down there replied the young man.

Of course we havent got teeth down there!! Have a look if you like.

So he takes her up on the offer. He takes off her panties, and hes poking around, examining the ladys most private parts.

Hmmmm. I dont see any teeth down here, but you should see the state of your gums.

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