Blonde and Easter Bunny

Once there was this guy, and he was driving in his car, and all of a sudden, he sees the Easter Bunny hopping on the road. Well, he was going too fast, and he didnt hit the brakes in time, so he hit the Easter Bunny.

He was really upset, and was thinking, Oh no, what about all those poor little kids?? What can I do!? Then, a blonde drove up in her car, and asked, Whats wrong? I hit the Easter Bunny!! said the guy. Oh, I know what to do, said the blonde, and she went into her car, got a can, and sprayed the Easter Bunny with it.

A few minutes later, the Easter Bunny got up, hopped a little bit, turned around and waved, hopped a little, turned around and waved, and it kept doing that. When the Easter Bunny was out of sight, the guy turned to the blonde and asked, Wow, Im dying to know what was in that can!!

Oh, said the blonde, It was hair spray. It says, Spray on dead hair for permanent wave.

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