Blondes new car

A blonde just bought a new $80,000 sports car. She was driving it for the first time when a very large truck driver motions for her to pull over.

A little afraid, she does as shes told. The truck driver draws a white circle with chalk and tells the blonde to get out of her car and stand in the circle and dont move.

She does as shes told, and the truck driver gets out a knife and starts cutting her leather seats.

She starts laughing. The truck driver asks, Why are you laughing?

She just kept laughing, so the truck driver starts pouring gas all over her seats.

The blonde starts cracking up, and he asks, Why are you laughing?

She just kept laughing,so the truck driver pulled out his knife again and pops all her tires, she starts laughing histarically. He asks, Why are you laughing? She answers, Well, when you werent looking I stepped out of the circle three times…

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