Bridge Jumping

There were two men sitting in a bar drinking. One man said to the other You know what? I know this bridge, where you can jump off and you bounce right back.

So the other man says, No way thats ridiculous. It simply cannot be possible.

The first replies, Come on, Ill show is to you then.

So the men, both quite tipsy, saunter out of the bar and walk to the bridge. When they arrive at the bridge the first man say’s, Here Ill show you how it works.

So he climbs up on the edge and jumps off. Seconds later low and behold the man seems to just bounce back up astounding the second man.

The second man says Hey man, do that again! I cant believe it… So the first jumps off again and immediately comes flying back up again.

After seeing this the second man decides to give it a try, after all it all seems quite safe, so he climbs up and jumps off.

After a few moments, the second man doesnt return, so the first man walks back to the bar, sits down and orders another drink.

The bartender after noticing the second man is missing, turns to the first man and says, Superman, youre so damn cruel when youre drunk!

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