Brit, Scot, Irishman at a bar

A Brit and a Scot were standing on a corner talking when an Irishman walked
up. You know what, said the Irishman, I just went into that pub over there,
ordered a pint, played some darts and when I walked out of the pub the barman
said to me to pay up. So I told him I paid when I got my pint, the barman did
nothing to me, so I got a free drink!

The Brit like the ideal so much he
went into the pub and did the same thing the Irishman did. The Brit came out
and told the Irishman and the Scot that the barman gave him no trouble either.

So the Scot decides to try this. He walks into the bar and orders a pint. As
he continues to talk to the barman, the barman mentioned the two blokes who
walked out without paying. The Scot asked the barman why he did nothing. The
barman said, Well Im not looking for trouble, the Scot replied, Well its
getting late, if you give me my change, Ill be heading home.

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