Dolly Parton and Princess Di

Dolly Parton and Princess Di both died, and found themselves at the pearly

Dolly Parton knocked, and in a moment, Saint Peter arrived.
He looked at them both, and told them that he could only let one in,
because heaven was getting a little crowded.
So, he gave them both one chance to convince him to let them in.

Dolly Parton lifted up her top, and showed Saint Peter the biggest and
most impressive set of tits hed ever seen.

Princess Di thought for a while on how to top that one, then all of a
sudden, squatted by Saint Peter and pissed on his feet.

He said nothing, but opened the gates and let Princess Di through.

Dolly was pissed off about this, and screamed Ã’Why did you let her in?
I just showed you the most impressive tits youÕve ever seen, and she
just pissed on your feet?!Ó
to which he replied A royal flush always beats two of a kind.

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