Dont talk that way to a mother….

On the subject of interns examining overweight women, the symptoms of
pregnancy are often masked by obesity. The brother-in-law of a friend
told me the first part of this story; my cousin told me the second.
Both are now doctors, and both assured me that the stories are true.

In attempting to do a vaginal/cervical exam on a very overweight woman,
the intern could not make room to do his work. He finally enlisted
the aid of two orderlies who wrapped the womans legs in sheets and
pulled them apart. Still not having enough room, the intern pushed a
chair between her legs and made his diagnosis:

Youre pregnant, he said. But how you got that way without two
sheets and a chair is beyond me.

After making a similar comment, my cousin was informed by the
patient, Youre not the first short-dick white boy to tell me that.

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