Drunk Company Party

A man and his wife went to the company Christmas party where the man has a little too much to drink.

He staggers down the stairs, completely hung over, and makes his way to the breakfast bar. His wife poors him a cup of coffee.

With his head in his hand, he asks Damn, honey. What happened last night?

She replies, It wasnt a pretty sight.

He asks, What do you mean?

Well she replies, You were not on your best behavior and your boss was extremely upset.

He was, he moans.

Yes she replies, He sure was.

Aahhh, PISS ON HIM! he says.

You did, she replies. Honey, You got fired last night.

I got fired? he questions.

Yes she answers You got fired

Aahhh, FUCK HIM! he says.

She replies, I did, you start back Monday morning!

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