Duck Hunting

Bob and Bill go duck hunting. They settle down in their pit blind and wait for the ducks. This gets rapidly boring for Bill, so he reaches into his backpack and withdraws a pint of 100 proof scotch.
Want some? he asks Bob.
No, Ive got to concentrate on hunting ducks.
Okay… he says and happily drains the bottle.
They go back to watching for ducks. Again, Bill gets bored and gets from his backpack another bottle of scotch.
Want some. he asks again.
No, thanks, I really dont drink, is his reply.
Your loss. he says and happily drains the bottle. Hes pretty sloshed by now, but goes back to help his friend watch for ducks.
A minute later, a single duck flies up. Bang!!! goes Bobs gun.
Darn, missed, says Bob.
Bill waves his gun in the general direction of the sky. Bang!!! his gun goes. He drops the duck out of the sky.
Wow, exclaims Bob, how did you do that?
Well, he replied, when theres a whole flock, you can hardly miss, can you?

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