Dynamite outhouse

A kid comes home from college. His father is a farmer and hes shovelling all the manure out of the outhouse onto the strawberries to fertilise them.

The kid says, Hey, Pop, learned in college theres an easy way to do everything.

They go downtown and get some dynamite, theyre gonna rig it up under the outhouse and blow the crap into the strawberry patch. They get it all rigged up, but they dont see Grandma coming to use the outhouse.


The manure goes flying and so does Grandma. Ploop! … she lands in the strawberries.

They go running up to her, Grandma, Grandma! My God, are you all right? Are you all right?

She says, Yeah, Im fine. Whoo! Im certainly glad I didnt let that one go in the kitchen!

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