Fire and american football

A football player passes a burning building, and sees a young woman and her baby hanging out the window. The football player stops and yells to the woman, Throw down your baby and Ill catch it!

The woman responds, I cant throw my baby to you, I dont know you!

Its okay, shouts the football player, Im in the NFL, I can catch anything!

The woman yells out OK! and drops the baby from the top floor. Just as it reaches about 50 ft. from the ground, a gust of wind grabs the baby and sends it flying. The football player chases after it, desperately stretching, trying to catch the baby.

By this time quite a crowd has gathered. The baby is falling towards the ground. Can he make it? The football player dives, and makes the catch!

The crowd goes wild!!!

The football player gets up, yells All Right!!!, starts dancing … and spikes the ball!

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