Goin Nuts

Guy walks into a bar, sits down and has a beer. At this point the bartender leaves to take care of some business in the back. As he is about to take his first sip someone says,

Hey thats a great coat!

He turns around and to his surprise no one is there. He shrugs it off as nothing and goes back to his beer.

You look great did you get a haircut?! Again someone exclaims.

He turns around, and again; No one.

He goes back to his beer when someone again shouts.

Those shoes go great with that great coat!

At this point the man is just about at his wits end, when the bartender comes out.

Excuse me barkeep the man replies Someone keeps speaking to me, but everytime I turn around no one is there.

The bartender replies back at the bewildered man. Oh thats just the peanuts… Theyre complimentry

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