Golfer in Heaven

An avid golfer dies and goes to heaven. He is met by St. Peter who tells him,
Welcome to Heaven. I know you will be pleased to know that this is the best
golf course in the universe! The mans eyes turn cloudy.

St. Peter says, And the weather here is always good. A tear begins to form in
the mans eye.

St. Peter says, And there is never any lines of people when you want to golf.
A tear starts dropping from the mans other eye.

St. Peter hurriedly says, And your drives go at least 50 yards further up
here. The man is now sniffling.

St. Peter then says, And you will never have more than two puts on any of the
greens. The man is now sobbing uncontrollably.

St. Peter asks, Hey, what is the matter with you? I thought you would be
overjoyed. Why the tears?

The man answers, If my wife had not fed me all those healthy food, I would have
been here five years earlier!

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