Guy spits into glass

Theres a guy in a bar, its late, and the guy and the bartender are the only ones left in the bar.

The guy pushes his empty beer glass over to the edge of the counter, walks to the other end of the bar, and says to the bartender, If I could spit from here, and get it in the glass without getting any anywhere else, would you give me $50?

The bartender, not seeing how this bet could be cheated, says, ok, show me

The guy then spits, and makes it in the glass, without getting any on the counter or the floor.

The bartender say, Thats amazing! You deserve the $50!

The next day, about noon, the guys in the bar again, and says to the bartender, if he could do it again, but with 2 glasses side by side, would be give him $100?

The bartender agrees, and the guy spits from across the bar and makes it in both glasses, without getting any anywhere else. Than the evening rolls around, and the bartender sticks glass all over the bar. He than says to the guy, if you can spit in all of these glass at the same time, without getting any anywhere else, Ill give you $200

The guy says, Sure, but I need a little time to get ready

So after a minute, the guy comes up, and procceds to spit everywhere at lightning speed. the bartender, seeing that the guy has missed every single cup, jumps up and down for joy, screaming. The guys than pays the bartender, and says, I dont see what youre so happy about, I just bet the guy in the corner $500 that I could spit all over your bar, and youd be happy about it.

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