Heaven Wishes

100 men were waiting at the pearly gates of heaven to go when god appeared.

He said since as you have all lived such good lifes, i will grant you all
one wish each!

So, turning to guy No.1 he said what would you like as your wish?

To be beautiful was his reply, and so it was done.

God asked the question to man 2 and he also said to be beautiful.

Then they all were saying it and when it got to guy number 14, number 100 at the back began to giggle …

Guy 28 was saying he wanted to be beautiful when man 100 laughed out loud, and he got a piercing stare from everyone.

By the time it got to man 84, the number 100 was rollling on the floor
laughing his head off!!! But they all ignored him.

After man numero 99 said he wished to be hansome (a bit of variation!) the
guy 100 finally got his wish.

But first God asked why he was laughing, no reason he said; so God
shrugged his shoulders and asked him the same question as all the others:
what do you want?

The 100th guy said To make them all butt-ugly again!

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