Heres my Crushed Cats Joke

Heres a hypothetical situation:

I drove home late last night and drove over the neighbours
cat. What should I do?

(a) hide the cat and let them think it ran away?

(b) wedge the cat under the neighbors tire so they think
they did it?

(c) paint a hexagram on their front lawn and put the cat
in the middle so they think that crazy Satanists did it?

(d) throw the cat into my other neighbours yard?

(e) tell them that the cat will come back?

(f) claim that I had the right of way and the cat
had no business running in front of the car when it
obviously knew I was going to accelerate?

(g) put the cat in the garborator so there isnt any

(h) put the cat in a tree, call the fire department
and let them try to explain it?

(i) explain that when cats get to a certain age
they just lie around a lot and smell bad?

(j) tell them that I ran over their cat with my car?

(l) move away?

(m) buy them a new cat that looks exactly like it?

(n) drive over the rest of the cats in the neighbourhood
and claim that I was on a mission from god?

(r) send them a bill for services rendered?

(t) have the cat stuffed and put it on their front
lawn so they wont notice a thing?

(u) mail it to them so they blame it on the postal

(v) blow it up?

(w) say that I saw space aliens land a flying saucer
on top of it just before they got out and took
my socks?

(x) I dont know?

(y) why not?

(z) claim a heard of African zebras stampeded
my car causing me to swerve and hit the cat?

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