Hi-Tech Coasters – Free!

Hi-Tech Coasters – Free!

This is a special, limited offer for free hi-tech coasters to place your
cups and mugs upon.

Sized and shaped exactly like 3 1/2 high density disks, these durable
plastic coasters will provide years of service while keeping your hardwood
furniture free of those nasty rings of dried soda and coffee. Order
several to leave around the house – for the living room, next to the
computer, etc. Coasters can be custom printed with the word Macintosh
or Windows to suit your individual preferences.

Flash! For extra-large mugs, we now provide coasters that are the exact
size and shape as CD-ROMs! Be the first on the block to put your mug
down on the hippest coaster today!

For your free coaster, call America Online today at (800) 445-6622. Order now!

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