How much is a pizza worth to Bill Gates?

I just read this in Playboy:

Bill Gates is at this party and it lasts to past 1am and like all
computer people who stay up late he gets hungry. He says, Hey! How about
us calling out for pizza? The people he is with are somewhat taken aback
(he has all these bucks, shouldnt he have some more class), but agree.
So he calls the take out pizza place. He comes back crestfallen. They
dont deliver after 1am. he says. His friends say, Uhhh, Bill, you
forgot. You have all this MONEY. How much is that pizza worth to you?
Bill stands there a minute then says, Ill call again. He picks up the
phone and gets them on the line and says, This is Bill Gates and its
worth $252 for you to bring me pizza. He got his pizza FAST.

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