How to uninstall AOL

Joke – How to uninstall AOL.

Follow these steps precisely, and proceed to the next step only after discovering that AOL is still installed.

1. Uninstall AOL through AOLs built-in uninstaller.
2. Uninstall AOL through Add/Remove Programs.
3. Do a System Restore to a date before you had AOL installed.
4. Give up and reinstall Windows.
5. Reinstall Windows again because it crashed halfway through.
6. Scream wildly. Swearing is appropriate in this instance.
7. Format the drive completely.
8. Reinstall Windows from scratch, and find a perfectly clean desktop with nothing except the My Computer, Recycle Bin and AOL icons on your desktop.
9. Turn off computer, and physically remove hard drive. Run a large magnet over hard drive, then run it over with a 20-ton steamroller, then take hard rive to nearest data recovery company, where theyll politely tell you that they were unable to recover the spreadsheet that you needed for work on Thursday, but that theres no need to panic, because amazingly AOL 8.3 (the Melty version) is still installed on the drive.
10. Weep like a little girl. Then go to your nearest hardware store and buy an axe. Upon returning to the parking lot with the axe, take the hard drive out of your trunk and commence hacking.
11. Take all the little pieces home, and toss them in a bonfire. This, of course, will not work, for as we all know from watching various B-movies, items with demonic auras dont burn.
12. Douse fire with water. Douse hard drive with Holy Water.
13. When all else fails, convert to the Amish beliefs. They never seem to have this sort of problem for some reason.

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