Humor about being born on the wrong side of the world

This wonderful example of international humor was posted on the listserv list INDIA-D:

By the way, for we people (from India) who were born and brought up in the wrong side of the world, doing things in the wrong way has become a way of life.

For example,

In India we drive on the wrong side of the road. Even the cars we produce or drive have steering wheels on the wrong side.
We pronounce Z as Jed instead of Zee.
We meekly accepted MKS (Meter,Kilogram,Second) system like the rest of the world while America proudly stuck to the FPS system.
We use Lakhs & Crores while they use millions & billions.
We dumbly use Celsius while they use Fahrenheit (Cool!).
We play football only using foot. (How restricting! We lack imagination…)
In restaurants we ask for a bill and pay it with a cheque unlike here where they ask for check and pay it with a bill (Dollar bill).
I never realised # was the right symbol for pound instead of a L with a slash until I came here. (How stupid of me…)
While they zoomed past with their cars filled with gallons of GAS, we keep wondering how do you measure gas in gallons.
We think we have sense of humour while we cant even spell it right.

Even after coming to the right side of the world if I cant correct myself, what am I doing here? I should go back to the wrong side of the world where I belong.

On the other hand why dont the wrong side of the world (Obviously the rest of the world) change their ways and follow the noble example of USA.

Beats me…

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