Ill have whats behind Door Number 3, please!

I got this message detailing a first day of class experience from a
friend of a friend. His name is Kevin Stone, and he goes to Clemson

Just a friendly reminder–look for door numbers….

So Im looking for a class in Newman Hall— actually, I was looking
for Newman Hall– and, I thought id found it. no sign– no main

So I walk around the building and find what I perceive to be an acutal
door with and actual doorknob. So I opened it.

Inside was a room at least 150×50– maybe half a football field- maybe
more- black concrete- 20ft ceiling.

Two guys in white overcoats.
A cow. Upside-down with hooves pointing into the air.
On some type of cart.

A chainsaw.

They were as embarrased to see me as I was to see them.

Everybody stared at everybody else for about 6 sec. (except the cow,
who was not facing me.) And I shut the door.

Not econ.

I wasnt more than 10ft away from the door when I heard it lock.

I dont know what the hell they were doing, but they seemed to need

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