Im no joketeller, but…

Back in the Good Old Days, when Dudley Fudpucker was whooping it up in college,
he was standing at a bar one evening, when a lady of enticing appearance
approached him and suggested that they have a drink. Dudley said, Well, Im no
John D. Rockefeller, but Ill buy.

After developing a slight buzz, she suggested a dance. Dudley smiled and said,
Im no Fred Astaire, but Ill give it a whirl.

Later, she suggested that they go up to her room. Im no Cary Grant, replied
Dudley, but Ill follow you up there.

They leave and go to the ladys apartment. They have another drink, then do
what had been on their minds all evening, anyway.

Afterward, the lady says, What about some money?

Dudley shot back, Well, Im no gigolo, but Ill take it!

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