Incident at the old swimming pool

Incident at the old swimming pool

by jiM Mica

Im sure Ive mentioned that I swim at the pool at work whenever I can. The pool seems to be the exercise venue for the halt and the lame. Professor Richs started going there years ago when he hurt himself running. I go there with my obesity and diabetes. And, Dr. Stan has been swimming since he lost the front end of a foot in a car accident a while back. Before the accident he was an ardent runner.

Besides us old coots, the pool also serves as an exercise spot for many physically and/or emotionally challenged kids. They get brought to the pool by their parents and then get to swim under the watchful eye of our physical therapy students -and their instructors of course.

The strangest thing happened a few weeks back when Dr. Stan and I were leaving the pool for the showers and a bunch of the young kids were being readied for their turn in the water. As we walked by the kids, exchanging pleasantries as usual, one of the little boys suddenly started screaming!

Bad foot! he wailed. Man have bad foot! Bad foot, bad foot, bad foot, AAAAAARRRRGGHGHGH!!!

It took several of our college students and their professor to get the kid calmed down again. Wed never seen anything like it.

Stan and I went on to the locker room and, a few minutes later, the prof whod been working with kids showed up.

Dr. Stan, he said, I am truly sorry for that outburst. The little fellow is OK now, but that was the worst case of lack-toes intolerance Ive ever encountered.

Stan mumbled in agreement as he pulled his shoes on.

© by the author, MMI

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