Is your job secure?

I just knew I was in big trouble at work when:

the new policy on sexual harassment included a photo of me.

the Security guard made a complete inventory of my work area.

my assistant began responding to my memos with, Yeah, whatever.

I got a Its for you loser wav receiving e-mail, & not a chime.

my new Pentium was replaced with an 386sx-18 last weekend.

the Human Resources Dept requested an update of my arrest record.

the Boss asked if I still had a copy of my 5 year contract.

I noticed co-workers measuring my office when I arrived at work.

my parking spot was relocated next to the dumpster.

my secretary sez things like Get the phone, my nails arent dry.

three people began helping me write a desk manual for my job.

the LAN suddenly began backing-up my computer every 10 minutes.

a large paper recycling box was placed next to my file cabinets.

the receptionist began saying Who ??? to anyone calling on me.

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