Israeli Downhill Skier

So the Jamaicans did it with Cool Runnings… not to be outdone, the Israelis had the best downhill slalom skier in the world.

They went up to the Winter Olympics with high hopes of the Gold Medal. Through the practices they watched the Austrians, the Swiss, the Germans, the Italians and the Swedish ski down the hill and through the gates.

But the Israeli KNEW that he had it in the bag. He had easily beaten every one of those other guys times!

Come the day of the competition, the Israeli is drawn to ski last. They watched the Austrian – 35.7 seconds. Then the Italian, 35.2… and so on, until it came to the Israeli entry.

The coach waited anxiously at the bottom…. 6 and a half MINUTES later, the Israeli crossed the line!

The coach was furious. What the h*ll happened to you?! he screeched.

It wasnt my fault! yelled back the skier. Some b*st*rd nailed a mezzuzah to every gate!

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