Jesus cannot pass through gates of Heaven

Jesus walks towards the gates of Heaven, quietly whistling for himself.

St. Peter raises his eyes from the books and shouts: You! Hey, you! Where do you think youre going?

Err … St. Peter? You dont recognize me? Why Im Jesus! Im on my way to see my father!

Jesus, Schmesus, says St. Peter. Come on, boy, surely you can come up with something better than that. How do you expect me to believe you are Jesus? Go away, youre wasting my time.

But Peter! Weve gone a long way together! Its me, Jesus! You have to remember me!

You? Jesus? You make me laugh. Jesus – with that beard? And those dirty clothes? Hah. No way youll get past me pretending youre Jesus.

Depressed, Jesus turns around and begins to slowly walk away. After a couple of secs, St. Peter says: Hey, Jesus.


Smile. Youre on Candid Camera!

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