Koala in a bar

A Koala walks into a bar.

A hooker comes up to the Koala and says, hey hairy, want a date?

The Koala says sure, and they sit in a booth in the corner.

The hooker and the Koala start to get-it-on and end up with the Koala performing oral sex on the hooker.

Afterwards the hooker tries to get her money, but the Koala refuses.

Hey, says the hooker, dont you know the definition of a hooker?

And the Koala says, No, sorry, I dont.

And the hooker says, its someone who has sex for money.

And the Koala says, Well I guess you dont know the definition of a Koala.

Whats that? asks the hooker.

An animal that eats bushes and leaves.

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