Lottery Winner

Jack is waiting for the lottery draw one week and
cant believe his luck. Six numbers, the jackpot
and hes the only winner. He phones the lottery
organizers who invite him down to an award ceremony.

So there he is, at the press conference with the
photographers and the oversized novelty check etc…
when a lottery spokesman pulls him aside. Jack,
he says, were having a bit of trouble with the
prizes this week. Whats that, Jack asks. Well,
a hell of a lot of people had three and four numbers
and were really short on cash because of it. Now I
know were meant to be given you the whole 10
million today but, and here me out, how about we
give you 4 million this week, 3 million the week
after, then 2 million the week after that and well
give you the other million in the fourth week. How
does that sound?

Jack stops and says, Look if your going to screw
around then you can give me my dollar back now.

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