Loves fishing

This newlywed couple decides to go to a lake resort for their honeymoon. During check in, they explain to the desk clerk that they are on their honeymoon and would like a suite. After paying the couple heads up to their room. Only 10 minutes go by and the husband is down at the desk asking to rent a fishing pole. The clerk was shocked to see the man wanting to go fishing on his honeymoon. The clerk told the man: I would be up there with your wife, its your honeymoon. The man replied: My wife has herpes, besides I really love to fish. The clerk tells the man: Theres other thing you can do on your honeymmon you know The man replied: I know, but she also has hemmoroids and gum disease, besides I really love to fish. The clerk then asks: If your wife has so many things wrong with her why did you marry her? The man replied: She also has worms, and like I said I really love to fish.

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