Man with a strange penis in a mens room

I guy is in a mens room and another comes in and takes the urinal next to him. The first guy happens to glance over and sees that the other fellows penis is about ten inches long but as round as a pencil in diameter.

He says to the guy, Listen pal, its not my habit to look at other guys penis but I couldnt help but notice how odd yours looks. What is your story?

The other man answers, Oh, its a rather simple. I came from a rather large family of ten siblings. We were rather poor so we all had to sleep in the same bed side-by-side. However, when we started reaching puberty there wasnt enough room in the bed to masturbate like this (motioning in the standard masturbation hand jesture). Instead we had to masturbate like this (motioning as if rubbing a pencil between his hands)!

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