More Interesting Movie Combos

To whom it may concern:

Here is what I came up with, what I even lost sleep over (the concept
popped into my head around midnight, and I was striving to make mine as good
as the originals). Some are good; some are bad; all are mine.

The Jungle Fever Book
Bill & Ted & Carol & Alices Excellent Adventures
Singin in the Purple Rain
39 Step-mothers Are Aliens
My Darling, My Hamburger Hill
Little Orphan Tate (Little Man Annie?)
Whatever Happened to Three Men and Baby Jane?
Guess Whos Coming Late for Dinner
Adventures in Babysitting Bill and Ted
Sound of the Music Man
Children of a Lesser Corn God
St. Elmos Firestarter
Backdraft to the Future
Angelheart at My Table
Hunt for Red Sonja
Spaceballs the Odyssey
Whos That Valleygirl?
Meaning of the Life of Brian
Harold & Micki & Maude
Code of Silence of the Lambs
Back to the Futureshock
Stand and Deliver by Me
Valley of the Gods Must Be Crazy
Lord of the Flies of Discipline
The Breakfast Club of Tiffanys

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