My Xmas (bit offensive to OJ, environmentalists and Milli Vanilli)

I posted this a year ago, but the time is right to revive it. If I get some hate mail Ill turn it into an annual event!

The Cole family had a great Christmas this year, even though our Dinner didnt include our traditional Christmas Swan. I missed watching the kids fight over neck.

We did have an Endangered Species Awareness dinner. For hors doevres before dinner we had lightly grilled Snail Darters. The first course was a delectably light Spotted Owl consomme. The main course was a Californis Condor stuffed with baby seal. My mom knows that baby seals lose a lot of their flavor and vitamins if they are shot and not properly clubbed. Best of all, this year I got to OJ the bird.

My nephew was thrilled with his present. I gave him a Milli Vanilli doll. You press the button and Teddy Ruxbin Sings.

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