On Freds 86th

On Freds 86th birthday one of his female neighbors, from down the hall in the old folks home, came into his room and unzipped his pants. She the proceeded to strip him of his pants and skivvies. She sat down on the bed with him and grasped his withered shlong and held him for an hour. She did this routine of undressing him and holding his dick for an hour, every morning of his birthday. On Freds 93 birthday she proceeded to disrobe him when he told her to stop.

What do you mean you dont want me to do it any more, she said baffled by his actions.

I just dont want you to hold me anymore, replied Fred.

Why, is there someone else?

Actually there is, Fred shamefully admitted.

Well what does she have that I dont have?

Parkinsons, replied Fred.

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