PC Women speak

How to speak about women and be politically correct:

She is not a babe or a chick;
She is a breasted person.

She is not a bleached blonde;
she is peroxide dependent.

She is not a bad cook;
she is microwave compatible.

She does not wear too much jewelry; she is metallically overburdened.

She is not conceited;
she is intimately aware of her best qualities.

She does not want to be married;
she wants to lock you in domestic incarceration.

She does not gain weight;
she is a metabolic under-achiever.

She is not a screamer or a moaner; she is vocally appreciative.

She is not easy;
she is horizontally accessible.

She does not tease or flirt;
she engages in artificial stimulation.

She is not dumb;
she is a detour off the information super-highway.

She is not too skinny;
she is skeletally prominent.

She does not have a moustache;
she is in touch with her masculine side.

She has not been around;
she is a previously enjoyed companion.

She does not wear too much perfume; she commits fragrance abuse.

She does not get you excited;
she causes temporary blood displacement.

She is not kinky;
she is a non-inhibited sexual companion.

She does not have a killer body;
she is terminally attractive.

She does not go shopping;
she is mall fluent.

She is not an airhead;
she is reality impaired.

She does not get drunk or tipsy;
she gets chemically inconvenienced.

She does not get fat or chubby;
she achieves maximum density.

She is not cold or frigid;
she is thermally inaccessible.

She is not horny;
she is sexually focused.

She does not wear too much make-up;
she has reached cosmetic saturation.

She does not have breast implants; she is gravity resistant.

She does not nag you;
she becomes verbally repetitive.

She is not a slut;
she is sexually extroverted.

She is not loose;
she is morally impaired.

She does not have major league hooters;
she is pectorally superior.

She does not have thin lips;
she is collagen depleted.

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