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I never did understand why it was supposed to be MEN that were responsible
for the keeping of the toilet seat! Some women consistently complain (note
the SOME) when men leave the seat up, and also complain when men dont put
the seat up to begin with. Now I find the second disgusting, no one wants
to sit on a wet toilet seat. But if the last person in the bathroom was
female, the men are expected to lift the seat.

OK, I didnt post this last time it came around, but here is the
sign I have in my bathroom.

As an historical note, I left a military sub-contractor (which is why
the notice is cast in Milspeak) and lived for 3 weeks with a friend of
the female persuasion, who constantly got on my case to keep the seat
down. I vowed revenge when I got my own apartment, so

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