Selling Ducks (offen. words)

This joke should be told to a drinking audience, one that can appreciate its difficulties:

Two brothers, Tucker & Buck, grew up on a duck farm with their parents; Becky & Huck. Comin back from town one day Hucks truck got unluckily stuck in some muck and, worse, the muck was between the ties of a railroad crossing. Sure enough, a train arrived and ran right over Becky, Huck, and the muck stuck truck.

Freshly orphaned, it didnt take the brothers long to exhaust their resources and in order to raise some cash, they decided to sell a couple ducks.

Tucker & Buck each tucked a duck up under their arm, & went strutting down the pike. At a fork in the road, a wager was struck for 10 bucks, Tucker & Buck would each try his luck selling a duck and meet again later to settle the wager.

Hiking briskly, Buck passed by a bungalow festooned with a buxom B girl on its Balcony. The Lass beckoned to Buck, and assured him his duck rendered adequate tender for her to remove the bends in his gender. Delighted, he complied. When finished, he dressed and proceeded to leave, alone and depressed as only the truly duckless can be. The B girl was pleased with his talent it seems saying Buck, stay and play through again, when done Ill send you, with your quacking friend, packing! So he did, and left with his duck.

The duck became heavy to Buck, so he snuck a small leash round its feathered neck and allowed it to walk beside him in the road, onward they strode. But a moment later a motorist made muck of the duck, missing Buck by sheer luck. The duck mashing driver, overcome by a duck down quilt of guilt, console Buck with a Fiver!

Walking up through the yard of their inherited home, Buck saw his sibilant sibling stacking quarters on the steps, counting 50, 75, Five Dollars! Buck hollered What, only five for your duck? Why, I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, AND five bucks for a fucked up duck!

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