Some cowboy philosophies

Indian build little fire. White man build big fire. White man get warm carrying wood.

On the subject of fire building: A good Indian always carries a can of gas.

If two fellas never argue it jus means one of ems doin all the thinkin.

Everyday is Saturday to a dog.

Country people dont shine their shoes very often but they dont shine other peoples either.

On killin time: Just circlin like a man with one oar.

I cant understand it, they built a brand new jail in the county seat and then filled it with riff raff!

Milkin a thousand cows is like havin a thousand wives.

In a card game you go by the golden rule, him who has the gold makes the rules.

Never assume nothin, theres two things a cowboy dont know anything about, one of ems a cow and the others a horse!

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