Taxing Holiday in Israel

An American tourist was riding in a taxi in Israel. As the
taxi approached a red light, the tourist was shocked to see
the driver drive straight through without even slowing down.

Surprised as he was, he didnt say anything, feeling himself
a guest and not wanting to make waves. The trip continued
without event until the next intersection. This time the
light was green and, to the Americans dismay, the cab driver
brought the vehicle to a grinding halt. Unable to contain
his astonishment, he turns to the driver:

Listen, he says, when you went through the red light, I
didnt say anything. But, why, in heavens name, are you
stopping at a green light?!

The Israeli driver looks at him as if the American was

Are you crazy?! he shouts. The other guy has a red
light–do you want to get us killed?!

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