Taylor goes on a hunting trip

Taylors dad always goes hunting every weekend. So one day Taylor asks to go with. Her dad , was surprised, but finally agreed to let his little angel come with him. So he told his buddies and they stayed home. They werent hunting with a 13 year old! So Taylor and her dad drove up to the grounds. He hands Taylor a gun. Taylor then leaps up into a tree where her dad pionted. He tells her if she sees a deer to shoot and hell come ruinning. Her dad starts to walk away and about 15 minutes later he hears a shot. But knowing Taylor its probley a false alarm.

When he gets closer he hears Taylor screaming, Get away from my deer!

When taylors dad arrives at the scene he sees a man with his hands in the air and a cowboy hat on saying, alright maam just lemme get my saddle off!

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