The Fish In The Blue Tank

There was a blue fish in a yellow tank, a yellow fish in a red tank, a red fish in a green tank, and a green fish in a blue tank. All the fishes wanted to be back at their own tanks, with their own colors. So, they agreed, to jump out of their bowls and into their matching colored bowls. The bowls were close together, so this wouldnt be too difficult.The blue fish went first. He jumped from the yellow tank, and landed right in the blue tank, where the green fish was also at this point. The yellow fish decided to take the leap next, and from his red tank, he splashed right into his yellow tank. After that, the red fish escaped from his green tank, and splashed back into the red one.The blue fish told the green fish to get moving, back to his home tank. The green fish wasnt as bold, and he turned to the blue fish and said, Can I stay here with you for a little while? The blue fish quickly responded and said, I thought we all agreed on this, you have to go.And plus, wholl keep the algi company?

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