The retirement present.

The Rabbi is retiring after 50 years work so he goes to one of his congregation who is a leatherworker and reveals his lifelong indulgence.I have kept ever circumcised foreskin from every boy in my congregation and I have long planned to make something from them for my retirement so that I may remember them all in the twilight of my life.Ok says the leatherworker give me a week to think about it.A week later he goes back and the leatherworker says I’ve got an idea but it will take some work, give me a month.A month later the rabbi returns and he tells him I need another month so he waits another month and goes back.Ok it’s ready says the leatherworker just see what I made you…. A beautiful wallet.The Rabbi says A WALLET A WALLET?
My life’s work and you give me a wallet?Ah says the leatherworker but this is no ordinary wallet………You rub it and it turns into a suitcase!

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