The shoestore

A little Jewish boy badly needed a new pair of shoes, but his mother was very busy, so she gave him some money and told him to go to Mr. Goldbergs shoe store down the road and buy himself a pair of shoes. But remember she impressed on him you must bargain, whatever price they give, you offer them half

So off went the little boy to the shoe store, he chose a nice pair of shoes which fitted him well and asked the price. Mr. Goldberg said The usual price is $ 12 but for you we will make it $ 10 No way said the little boy $ 5 is all they are worth Mr. Goldberg at first protested that the shoes cost him more than that, but in the end he agreed to sell the shoes for $ 5. The little boy then said they may be worth $ 5 but all I will pay is $ 2.50 By then Mr. Goldberg was fed up with the whole discussion and said You know what, sonny, as you are such a bright kid, you can have the pair of shoes for nothing

Thank you said the little boy but then you have to give me two pairs.

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