The Ultimate Make Money Fast

Make Big Money – Get a Job!

Hi, my name is Aloysius. Five years ago I had no money. People wanted
me to pay for services that I had used, yet I had no funds to pay them
Then an amazing thing happened! A friend of mine told me about a
place where people get together for about 8 hours at a time. While
together, these employees provide services, build things, add value
to things, and even manage the activities of others. All this is done in
exchange for money, often paid at the completion of 40 hours of activity.

My friend told me that if I joined him, the people at this place would
give me money too! In time, they may even give me lots of money, and
I mean a LOT of money. Just imagine my joy at being told of a system
that would enable me to pay for all the things I want and need!

I was so happy to learn of this system that I set out on a mission. There
are too many people on the Internet who have not yet discovered this
method of obtaining money. Instead, these misguided souls participate
in schemes that promise thousands of dollars in exchange for an illegal
five dollar investment.

If you read any Usenet newsgroup on a regular basis, you know the
people I mean. They post messages such as: Big Money NOW,
Fast Cash NOW and Get out of Debt and into Jail, NOW!

These unfortunates must hear this message of great joy and good fortune:

I invite you to join me in this quest. How? Simple!
Whenever someone posts an illegal get-rich-quick-scheme to your favorite
newsgroup, simply E-mail this letter back to them. An additional step may
be required to deliver the good news to people who post these messages
under phony e-mail addresses. For them, a hard copy of this letter to
their postal address may be required. (They always include a postal
address because thats where they want you to send the BIG MONEY)

It has also been suggested to me that people may wish to send this letter
to the Sysop or Postmaster of the letter writers Internet Service
Provider. I think this is a great idea, and I fully encourage further
suggestions for improving the delivery of this good news!

You have my permission to copy this letter. Feel free to add your name
to mine and those listed here, (when and if people decide to add their
names to this letter), or remain anonymous and send it as is.

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