The way things look from the look-out tower

Two guys have spent several months together on a deserted island when a woman happens to wash ashore. They feed her back to health.

Being friends the two guys agree amongst themselves that they wont risk creating a rift, and so wont have sex with the woman. After discussing the future, the woman says they should be keeping a look-out, as she is sure that a search party will come after her.

So they construct a lookout tower on the beach, and plan to stand watch in turns. The first guy goes up the tower and starts looking around.

He then looks down at the other two standing on the beach and shouts down: Hey, stop making love!!

Were not making love his pal shouts up, were just standing here.

Sure looks as if youre making love from where I stand, the first guy shouts.

This goes on for the rest of the afternoon. The next morning it is the turn of the second guy.

As soon as he is up on the tower, the first guy and the woman start making desparate love. The guy up in the tower shouts down: Now I see what you mean, from here it indeed looks as if youre making love!

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