This guy walks into a small town bar…

This guy walks into a small town bar and orders a drink from the bartender.

The bartender delivers his drink and shouts out to the bar patrons 46!! Everyone starts to laugh- Again he shouts out 39!! Now the patrons are getting even louder in laughing- Lastly, he shouts 14!! Now, people are wiping tears from their eyes from all the laughing.

The visitor is curious, so he asks the bartender What is going on?

The bartender says This is a small town, with small impressionable children, and so we had decided to put numbers to our naughty jokes rather than tell them in full

The visitor is astounded Let me try!! he says- So he shouts 46!! Nothing happens 39!! Still nothing. 14!! and yet still not a sound from the patrons.

The visitor says to the bartender I dont understand. I used exactly the same numbers you did and got a completely opposite response.

The bartender replied, Well, some folks can tell a joke……. and some folks cant

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