Three guys go up to heaven…

Three guys go up to heaven at the same time, and the head angel says, its been a busy day, so i can only let one of you in. whoever has the best story gets to go in.

the first guy said,i had been suspecting my wife has been cheating on me for the past year, so one day when i went up to the 25th story on our apartment (where I live) i heard her in our room, and i was expecting the worst. i decided to kill the man she was cheating on me with, so i looked out the window, and heres a guy whos hanging from my telephone wire. i hammer his fingers, but he doesnt drop. i decide to throw our refrigerator out the window, so i hoisted it up on my back, and my shirt got caught, and i threw it out the window and i fell out with it.

the second guy said, i was an innocent window washer and i was washing windows when i saw something shiny. i reached out to grab it and the next thing i know im dangeling from a telephone wire. then a freak comes up and started hammering my fingers. i decided not to let go, then a refrigerator drops on me and i die.

the third guy says, Picture me nude in a refrigerator. Enough said.

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